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Quality is what matters.
Taste and aroma make our product simply delicious.
High yields is one of our strengths.


Our mission is to bridge agricultural traditions in Europe and the U.S. through expert selection of best quality and great tasting varieties and to support research through field trials. Our scope is to offer cost-effective seeds that produce both high yield and good tasting vegetables.


KanSeeds is a U.S. based seed company located in Virginia. We promote very high quality peppers from Europe that have been successfully tested in the U.S. before becoming commercially available. We had field tests in six states across Southeastern U.S. conducted by university extensions as well as farmers. Our pepper seed trials had excellent yields that led to the introduction of our Traian, Daciana, and Napoca peppers in the 2019 Southeast Vegetable Growers Handbook!!! We are committed to maintaining our high quality and to expanding our product selection and testing within our portfolio.

KanSeeds is the distributor for the Agrosel products in the U.S.

KanSeeds products likely consumers

Vegetables produced with KanSeeds impress with taste and aroma. They can be grown by anyone, but small and medium farmers are more likely to find them quality-cost effective. The end buyers most likely interested in our pepper line are fine dining restaurant chefs, farmer’s markets, and Eastern European/Hispanic vegetable buyers as well as any regular family households.


KanSeeds can supply the interested U.S. growers with any of the Agrosel products.


Happy Farmers and Collaborators

Even' Star Farm, Maryland

One Straw Farm, Maryland

Vasile Simon, Michigan

Kindlewoods Farms, South Carolina

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